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A firm foundation is at the heart of any building project.  And when you think about foundations, you normally think of cement, a versatile building material useful to many aspects of a building project. Concrete is such an important factor in any type of construction because of its strength and workability.  Cement holds up even in the most adverse conditions, making it an excellent material to pave driveways and walkways.  It is a poured material which means it can be shaped and stamped into a myriad of different designs and shapes.  Concrete is extremely durable and long-lasting and when properly maintained, requires little to no maintenance once it is installed, which makes it an excellent choice for foundations and retaining walls.  And as if that were not enough to make concrete amenities important to any homeowner or property owner, it is more economical than many other building materials.



At Lucie Concrete, we are committed to helping our customers not only secure their homes and businesses by offering foundation building and repair. We also service our customers in the Port St. Lucie area with residential and commercial concrete driveways and flatwork, retaining walls, steps, and repair and removal. We design backyard patios and sun decks to your specifications, and have an expert team of craftsmen who create a wide variety of designer options as well as offer a large selection of stamped concrete designs to improve the overall look of any property.  Whatever your needs, Lucie Concrete  is ready to handle the job.

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  • Driveways and Flat Work
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Concrete Repair and Removal
  • Foundations
  • Retaining walls and Steps


Whether you are getting ready to start the building process, need help maintaining or repairing cement work that has been installed in the past, or are looking to give your home or business a new look, Lucie Concrete Services can help.  Our licensed and insured cement contractors can handle any job, large or small.  What are you waiting for? If you are in the Port St. Lucie area, contact us today using the form on this page or give us a call for a free-no obligation quote.

Who We Are

Lucie Concrete Services is a licensed and insured concrete company based in Port St. Lucie, Florida.  Our concrete construction team has 15 years of experience in all types of cement installation, repair, and demolition, and we are eager to help you get the most out of your home or business by offering a wide array of concrete options.  Our team of professionals is familiar with the humid climate and susceptibility to inclement weather in the Port St. Lucie area, so we understand and utilize the latest technologies in concrete pour and design to make your project not only functional and aesthetically pleasing but also long lasting as well.  Contact us today for all of your concrete needs.


Concrete is a traditional material for areas around your home or commercial property like driveways and walkways.  This material is often used because it is relatively inexpensive, requires very little maintenance when installed properly, and holds its integrity for a long time.  Cheaper options like asphalt often have to be replaced much sooner than concrete.  Lucie Concrete Services is the concrete contractor you need if you are looking to install a new concrete driveway or sidewalk. Call us to improve the look and feel of your space by adding an outside concrete patio, deck, or barbecue area to your backyard.  Our team of experts will manage any concrete flatwork that you need done.

Call us today, and we will send out a technician who will talk over your needs, measure your space, and give you a detailed estimate.  Once you have decided to proceed with the design, we will frame your project, use rebar and aggregate rock as a sub base so that your concrete work resists cracks, and then pour and hand smooth the concrete for the optimal look.  We will secure the area until it is dry and then come back to make sure that the work is done to your satisfaction.  You never have to worry about a thing when you hire our team.  We take care of all of your concerns from start to finish and make sure that you are happy with the end result.

flat work being poured -Port St Lucie | Lucie Concrete
Concrete services being done in Port st Lucie


If you want the look of stone, slate, brick, or wood without the cost or upkeep of those higher priced materials on your patio, walkway, or driveway, stamped concrete might be what you are looking for. Our company offers stamped concrete amenities in a wide array of colors, textures, and patterns to imitate the look of more costly materials and to easily enhance the look of any property.  Stamped concrete instantly adds sophistication and elegance to any residential or commercial space and can even be customized so that you can achieve a unique look for little additional cost.  The procedure for stamping concrete involves adding a base color into the poured concrete, adding an accent color for shading, and stamping the design in the desired pattern before the concrete cures on the project.  This look is perfect for any surface around the home including patios, driveways, and pool decks.

Think about how impressed your friends and family will be when they get their first look at your stamped concrete patio or imagine what your neighbors will think when you have the most attractive stamped concrete driveway in the neighborhood.  Whatever your stamped concrete needs, we is here to help.  Give one of our contractors, and we will send out one of our designers to talk about what you want, measure your space, and give you an estimate.

stamped concrete in New Orleans
stamped concrete in New Orleans


Concrete is a very sustainable material, but over time, even the strongest and hardiest of materials is susceptible to damage and can become worn.  Lucie Concrete is available to help with any concrete repair work you need on existing concrete as well as concrete removal in preparation for pouring new concrete.  The professional team at Lucie Concrete can mend any parts of a building’s foundation including joists, pilings, footings, or chain wall to maintain the structural integrity of your home or commercial property while keeping it safe from further damage.  But we don’t just fix potential major foundational problems.  Our team can also help with repairing existing patios, driveways, walkways, and pool decks to give your property a manicured look and prevent major damage from occurring.

And if you have a problem that cannot be repaired adequately, you can count on Lucie Concrete to not only complete the new job for you but haul away the concrete you do not want.  Our team of experts will demolish your existing concrete structures in preparation for laying new concrete in its place while making sure that the supporting structures for your concrete work stay intact.  Contact us for any job, big or small.

Concrete services being done in Port st Lucie
Concrete services being done in Port st Lucie


Structural integrity is the most important part of building any home or commercial business, and for that reason, St Lucie Concrete is the concrete contractor to call for any of your concrete foundation needs.  Our licensed and insured professionals can help you to create a firm foundation for your construction project or addition to an existing structure to make sure that your structure maintains its integrity for its entire life.  Once you call, we will send out one of contractors to assess your needs and give you an estimate.

Once we are hired for the job, we will begin making your dreams a reality by clearing out any existing debris, determining the depth and width of your foundation, and backhoeing to form the surface of the new foundation.  When the surface of the foundation is prepped, our team will set the rebar, install footings, pour the concrete, and then float it to eliminate any unevenness and check for cracks or crevices that may become problematic in the future.  Lastly, we will seal the foundation to protect it from potential moisture damage and will clean up any leftover concrete.  This will provide you a smooth surface on which to build the home or commercial property you have been dreaming about.  Begin to make your dreams a reality by contacting our team today.

Concrete services being done in Port st Lucie
Concrete services being done in Port st Lucie


Port St. Lucie is susceptible to all kinds of water damage because of weather events like thunderstorms, tropical storms, and hurricanes.  Because of its low-lying area and potential damage your property may sustain from inclement weather, it may be beneficial to you to build a retaining wall around the perimeter of your property.  Our contractors and their team can design and can add a chain wall, a wall made from cement that encircles the foundation of a building, to your property to provide your building’s foundation with extra protection from moisture.  Because water damage is so detrimental to foundations, it is important to take this into consideration when building a new property or updating an older one.  If you are thinking about adding this feature, call today for a free estimate.

And if your home is off the ground, you may want to think about adding cement steps to your building’s exterior for some added sophistication and pizzazz.  St Lucie Concrete can provide you with traditional hand poured or pre-poured rectangular steps, but we also specialize in designing curved cement steps and railings that will set your home or business apart from others.  Concrete steps are more durable and cost effective than other types of traditional materials used for steps like wood, stone, or brick.  Our contractors can provide you with a free consultation where we will talk about your vision for your home or business, and we will leave you with an estimate for the cost of your project.

Concrete services being done in Port st Lucie
Concrete services being done in Port st Lucie


Concrete is a cost effective and versatile building material.  From new steps to designer stamped concrete patios to foundational work on new construction, Lucie Concrete Services can do it all.  We care about the integrity of our work, but we also have an eye for design and can help you improve the look of your property by designing the concrete features of your home to suit your specific needs.  If you are in the Port St. Lucie area and need concrete repair, installation, or removal, look no further.  Give us a call today!

We would like to thank all our concrete partners in New Orleans.

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“I thought I was in for some major repairs when I saw the wear and tear on my mom’s old house.  Thanks to Lucie Concrete Service’s detailed inspection of the property, I was able to repair the driveway, concrete steps, and walkways with little hassle and my mom’s old home is now ready to be put on the market.   Thanks Port Saint Lucie Concrete!”

Melanie M

“I am so happy that I called Lucie Concrete Services when I was building my dream home.  They came out right away, gave me an affordable estimate, and got to work right away on the foundation for my new home.  I feel so secure knowing that the work was done by a knowledgeable concrete service.” 

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“Thanks to Lucie Concrete Services, my home now has a beautiful new look.  The stamped concrete makes a huge difference to my home’s curb appeal.  I have had multiple people in the neighborhood ask about the work that I have had done, and I am always very happy to recommend them to Lucie Concrete  because they offer great affordable service and care about their customers.”

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