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Retaining Walls and Steps

Whether you need a new driveway or just a section repaired, Lucie Concrete is waiting to hear from you. 

Concrete Retaining walls

The average person going through a neighborhood may not even notice the retaining walls that have been designed to complement both residential and commercial properties.  Installing retaining walls on your property, if necessary, can help to alleviate many different issues a property may experience.  The biggest issue that retaining walls help with is the erosion of soil.  Retaining walls can help those in the Port St. Lucie area as they guide water away from a home or commercial property’s underlying foundation thus helping retain soil while also guarding against moisture buildup that can damage the foundation over time.  But there are more reasons than just this to have the concrete contractors at Lucie Concrete Services install retaining walls on your property.

concrete retaining wall in Port St lucie


Concrete Design Port St Lucie

If the ground around your property is uneven and water tends to pool unevenly or the grass is hard to mow because of an incline or you want to add lush, planting beds around your property, these are all excellent reasons to consider a retaining wall installation.  Retaining walls can provide a property owner with more usable land.  They are also excellent in managing water run-off on properties, and when you hire Lucie Concrete Services, retaining walls have the added benefit of being beautiful additions to your home or commercial building as they can be installed in a variety of colors and textures to create a unique look for your property.

If you are thinking of installing a retaining wall on your property, contact the experts at Lucie Concrete Services today for an estimate on cost.  We will come out quickly, talk to you about your needs, survey the property, and provide you with a free, no obligation quote.

Concrete Steps

Lucie Concrete Services knows that the first impression anyone has of your home is from the outside, and because of this we want to keep the outside of your home looking beautiful and modern by providing property owners with concrete step and edging services. Lucie Concrete Services’ concrete contractors can provide home and business owners pre-poured steps in standard dimensions, or we can design and pour your steps on site for a more nuanced and interesting look.

Concrete steps are a great choice for any structure because they are more durable over time than other types of building materials usually used for steps such as wood, and concrete is just as attractive but way more affordable than materials like brick or stone.  And because concrete is a poured material, design choices are not limited in the way that other construction materials are. 

We can design and build any type of steps to your specifications. Once you hire us for the job, we will lay the footings and do the framework for the steps.  Our pros will make sure the steps are level, install riser forms, and add rebar and braces to create a firm foundation.  We will then pour the concrete and then hand smooth.  Once the concrete has cured, our team will inspect for any imperfections and clean up so that we ensure that the job is done to your satisfaction.  And Lucie Concrete Services can even add a stamped concrete design to your steps or to a garden edge in any design you would like for an even more unique look for your property.


No matter what you need, Lucie Concrete Services wants to help.  Call us today and let one of our design experts come to talk to you about your vision and design a plan specifically catered to your needs.  We can do all kinds of cement work, and we specialize in projects, both large and small. 

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