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Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete is a great way to add beauty to the exterior home. Call us today for a free estimate.

Stamped Concrete Port St Lucie

An easy way to distinguish your home or business from everyone else’s is to consider using stamped concrete.  You will impress your family and friends with the unique and stylish look that only stamped concrete can provide.  Although a stamped concrete patio, driveway, walkway, or deck will cost more than traditional concrete flatwork, it can imitate the look of more costly materials like stone, slate, brick, tile, or wood without the cost or upkeep of those types of materials. 

The concrete contractors at Lucie Concrete Services are experts in getting you the design you want at an affordable price.  When you contact us, we will send out one of our professionals to talk to you about what you want, measure the area you wish to transform, and discuss with you potential design options specifically catered to your needs.  We can even create a design specifically for your residential or commercial property for an even more nuanced look.  No matter how complicated the design or how large or small the area, we can do it.

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Port Saint Lucie Concrete Contractor

Stamped concrete is so popular in the Port St. Lucie area because it creates a high-end look for your property at an affordable price.  Once you decide on the design you want, whether to imitate a pattern like stone, slate, or hardwood or to create a unique concrete design, the professionals at Lucie Concrete Services will measure your patio, sidewalk, driveway, or deck, add the proper foundational elements to your project, pour a base coat of colored concrete, add an accent color for contrast, and then stamp the design you want into the concrete before it cures.  We will section off the area to protect it while curing and then come back to assess the work, seal your concrete design, clean up any damage, and leave your property looking pristine.

You may think that the process sounds a bit complicated and expensive to pour and then stamp concrete, but oftentimes, the labor process is less intensive than installing some other types of surface materials like pavers that must be hauled to the site and put in place by hand.  And the best part about stamped concrete is the many benefits it affords the homeowner after it is installed. Stamped concrete requires little maintenance and care over its lifespan which can add up to big savings for property owners in the long run. 

Why choose Stamped Concrete?

Concrete traditionally lasts much longer than other types of decking and paving materials like wood, asphalt, slate, and tile, and it holds up against normal wear and tear more than these materials as well.  Unlike traditional pavers that can become loose or settle into the surrounding area or become tripping hazards, stamped concrete will not. And because stamped concrete is so aesthetically pleasing, many property owners choose it as it adds not only to the look of the property when it is installed but also adds value to the property in the future. Because stamped concrete is fully customizable as well, you never have to settle for the choices that are readily available.  You can get the look you want on your property relatively easily by picking such a versatile material.

Ready to Start?

Lucie Concrete Services is eager to begin the design process with you.  Want a brand new pool deck in time for summer?  Sick of looking at a plain concrete driveway or walkway in front of your property?  Seeking to create the perfect outdoor space to barbecue with friends and family?  We can do it all.  Whether you are building a new residential or commercial property or redesigning or updating an existing property, the licensed and insured contractors at Lucie Concrete Services can provide anything that you need quickly and efficiently.  If you are in the Port St. Lucie area, give us a call today for a free no obligation quote. Make sure to check us out on google maps.

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